Conceal, Don’t Feel, Don’t Let Them Know You’re Gay


Spongebob demostrating Swanson’s imagination

This past century, the rise of the various forms of media has be accused of the downfall of western society. These many issues all seem to be derived from the entertainment of our modern culture. An good example of this wrongful disapproval is the concept that queer representation of LGBTQA individuals and themes exposed in the media has been taking the blame for the idea of homosexual conversion in youth of today. Some audience members believe that these concepts in media content such as The Fosters, Skins and Spongebob Squarepants are influencing children to have homosexual tendencies and misconceptions of their own identities and sexualities.


Elsa unleashing her powers of homosexuality

As demonstrated in David Gaunlett’s 10 Things Wrong with the Media ‘Effects’ Model (1998), Some of the issues for which the media are held responsible are merely based on biased research and flawed assumptions. Statistics are adjusted and amplified to suit the personal opinions of the opposition. This is particularly evident in the The Hollywood Reporter article titled ‘‘Frozen’: Pastor Claims Disney Film Indoctrinates Homosexuality, Bestiality‘. Pastor Kevin Swanson declared “Friends, this is evil, just evil” and accused the hit film of marketing a ‘progressive’ pro-gay, pro-bestiality agenda. Swanson interpreted “Let it Go as a coming out anthem and for her lack of male attraction and romantic relationship, ‘logically’ she must be lesbian. Also Kristoff’s friendship with reindeer, Sven is unnaturally  intimate. Despite his religious and conservative extremist rant, THR reports confirmed he has not seen the film.

The media doesn’t convert youth and endorse homosexual allegiance but in actuality assist in their inner realisation and provides the opportunity to have the suitable role models. According to The HP Alliance article, There’s five important factors of why accurate media representation is important.

  1. The appropriate audience is presented with a stepping stone in the search for their affirmation of identity
  2. It gives youth role models to look up to and relate with,
  3. It expands the community’s assumption of their capabilities in a positive light as opposed to their constant negative media portrayal,
  4. Provides a realistic view of the world’s diversity
  5. Challenges the notion that straight/white/male is ‘normal’ while everything else is ‘other’.

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  1. Before reading your blog post I had never looked into how members of society are concerned with children being exposed to homosexuality through media programs. I completely agree with the HP Alliance factors you found, they are a perfect summary of what certain citizens do not want to hear. I believe children need to be exposed to these things at an early age in the 21st century, in the long run it will benefit them and give them the knowledge they need to grow. Programs including the ideology of homosexuality should be commended, they are showing that it is perfectly acceptable and therefore shouldn’t be frowned upon and when the children watching these programs grow up they will have a greater understanding of society and a broader acceptance of normality.

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