After agonising over waking up at 6am and dragging myself onto the train in hysterical fatigue, I attended my first day at UOW this Tuesday. It’s always either ‘Sleep is for the weak’ or ‘Sleep is for a week’. Of course, being the night owl that I am, I sacrificed breakfast for sleep and did my makeup on the ride from Sutherland. I’m just classy like that. After enduring my JAPA 243 lecture, I quickly learnt that one does not simply walk into a class with an empty stomach . The combination of silence, sitting in the middle of a room, and a roaring tummy isn’t exactly ideal. Turns out I also didn’t realise that we had to attend ARTS 100 in the first week. How very clever of me.

Now that I’ve established that I’m a dork, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Tiffany Lao. I’m eighteen and it’s my first year at UOW. I’m studying Communication and Media (major in Digital Media) and International Studies (minor in Japanese & International Communication). In 2013, I graduated at Kirrawee High School and went to Enmore Design Centre to do a Screen and Media course. In 2011, I was in Sapporo, Japan as an AFS exchange student for a semester. My interests include YouTube, indie music, all day breakfast, and MBTI psychology. My pet is called Batman. Guess in the comments what he is. Or not, I’m not the boss.

I’m a tad bit concerned about using Twitter. Only used it to stalk Patrick Stump and KickthePJ and various other celebrities occasionally so far. What’s with this whole hashtag thing? Odd confession, It reminds me of burnt hash browns. #waitwhat #idonteven Click here to view my Twitter.

Why am I studying whatever it is that I’m studying? God knows. To not overwhelm myself by concerns of the future and growing up, I tend to distract myself with naps and tv. For now, I just hope I don’t finish work in the last minute and excessively start sentences with ‘I’. My brain is a procrastination station. Try to keep in mind that 99% is hard, but 100% is easy. My one true goal is to become:

I’ve always pictured my life up into this point to be the figurative prologue, the bland foundations of who I am today. Perhaps starting university and these new experiences and lifestyle will mark the beginning of chapter one.