When Will My Reflection Show, Who I am Inside?!

In the last few weeks, I found myself incredibly fascinated but cripplingly prone to procrastination. A terrible infection to my education but I’m writing like a madman, to get things done. I’ve learn many interesting things about the media, myself and lessons for life.

In Week 2, Students immediately dived into the nitty-gritty by considering the faults in the media effects model and concepts and theories in communication. I particularly liked this week, because I had to use a bit of psychology to understand the ‘monkey see, monkey do’ idea and the study of violence in children was educational and informative.

In Week 3, our lesson was about the exploration of possibilities of semiotics in reading complex signs and representation. While the confusing definitions of words and try to remember which is which was a challenge, I found that I understood the idea and found it good to learn about because it got rid of my assumptions of one reading of a text and made me a more openminded about the meanings of complex signs.
The topic of week 4, on media ownership, control and regulation and the knowledge of leading media moguls editing information to their own interest, had me puzzling and I found it hard to follow. I understand it now but in writing my blog I got a bit lost. I wasn’t sure about the content I was meant to be writing about and tried to bend the question to fit my issue and case study.
I also really enjoyed Week 6 and learning about the role of media and the notion of a mediated public sphere. I was something I found that I could really relate to and find relevance in my personal life as a content creator on the internet as well.

From my journey through the first year of university, learning in BCM 110 and BCM 112, undertaking a double degree course in Communication and Media with International Studies, I can now look at myself and see some red flags. I realised in week 3 that perhaps this is not my passion and the right course for me even though I genuinely loved this subject, the entertaining and informative lectures by Sue Turnbull, and the lovely easy-to-understand tutorials by Susan Efira. It might not be an accurate analogy but why be an astronomer, when I can be the astronaut. What I’m saying is that, I want to create media content, not study the effects and outcome of media on the audience and how it’s being distributed. I will pursue my passion of film making by transferring to Digital Media. However information I learn here has not gone to waste because now I’ve learnt to be more aware of the effects of the content I create, to consider the multitude of perspectives in the media and the detrimental effects of accumulating work. In the end, I enjoyed myself and know that what I’ve learnt so far might prove to be useful.