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Remixing is defined as the act of rearranging, combining, editorializing, and adding originals to create something entirely new. (Jessel 2013) and it is a form of distributed creativity as they are projects which harness the creativity of a large range of participants to build on and extend an existing pool of artistic materials. (Bruns 2010) It is said that we live in the age of the remix.

The first thought that comes to mind upon leaning about the notion of remix culture, is the association with remix in music, like Australian DJ, Flume’s work, covering an song by your own twist or combing tunes into a mash up. However, it take many forms in our day to day lives and multiple media formats.

An example of remix culture is internet memes which according to Know Your Meme is a “piece of content or an idea that’s passed from person to person, changing and evolving along the way. A piece of content that is passed from person to person, but does not evolve or change during the transmission process is considered viral content.” The idea of remix culture is seen in the famous internet phenomena, Doge.  It evolved to innocent photos of a Shiba Inu on a Japanese Kindergarten teacher, Atsuko’s blog to the “I Swear On Me Mum” meme to it’s final ultimate form, Doge, creating 2013’s trend of speaking ‘doge speech’ like “wow such happy many fluff” and when in written form using the much hated font, Comic Sans as a form of irony. These memes spread across the internet from Reddit, 4chan, Tumblr and eventually as the popularity dies, Facebook. Although, usually the essential image of the Shiba Inu is present, images, words, and meaning interchange while basing its relevance on the existing format.


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Transmedia storytelling in MyMusic

According to Henry Jenkins, “Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience” (Jenkins, 2007) These various stories are told over a range of platform and formats such as online videos, blogs, comics, audiobooks and video games.

Evidently, Skype does not have the ability to supply distribution channels that would contribute meaningfully to a transmedia narrative. Jenkins says “Ideally, each medium makes it own unique contribution to the unfolding of the story” I imagine that could be extremely difficult to achieve that through Skype. Hypothetically, If the creators of content in the bleak chance, chose to allow their characters to speak to individuals or taking advantage of the free group calling now available, It would not be very effective anyway. Ultimately, Skype is not the best example for transmediality. (1)

(TheFineBrothers, 2012)

A great example of transmedia storytelling is the mockumentary sitcom, MyMusic created by youtube content creators, Benny and Rafi Fine. The plot follows the transmedia production company, MyMusic in which all the staff are referred to as musical genres with which they identify with for example, the CEO and founder, Indie. While the story is primarily based on 10 minute episodes, this story experience is also branching out to various formats, like character tumblr and twitter accounts, weekly audience interactive channel shows such as the Mosh, Tumblr Tuesday, video/audio podcast and merchandise.

However, in the case of MyMusic, The Fine Brothers succeeded in tying in many channels of content via Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and Facebook, while individually giving off various new information while collectively making sense to the narrative system. By using transmedia storytelling practices, MyMusic has marketed their brand by allowing a range of entry points for the difference audience. Each form of media that the MyMusic universe initiates “addictive comprehension” through the various media outlets as the audience is pushed to review the overall understanding of the story. The producers managed to improve the experience by allowing real time interaction and participation by constantly breaking the fourth wall. These various channels are also all managed by the creators to ensure smooth coordination through out all of the media and shaping its essence.They also used these media channels to fill in plot holes, give extra details and lead to greater story lines. Unauthorised expansion has also taken place in the form of fan fiction, an unofficial extension of the MyMusic world and eases the audience’s want for extra content and explanation.

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Skype and The Development of 3D Video Calls.


All You Need

All you need is a webcam, an internet connection and a computer or mobile device with a microphone and speakers. With these simple essentials, you can bring people far away a little closer. Since it’s release in August 2003, The freemium voice-over-IP service and instant messaging service, Skype has provided its consumers with easily accessible service and has been internationally recognised as the go to service for communication across distance and internet.


The various functions of Skype messaging

This media platform grants the freedom to make an account and include its latest downloads, enable video and voice calls to anyone else on Skype, and Instant messaging and file sharing.  Users are also offered the opportunity for calls to mobile and landlines worldwide at low rates, send text messages from its Skype credit and hold conference video calls with up to 10 people.

ImageIn commemoration of Skype’s 10th anniversary, the company confirm its plans for developing the ability for 3D video calls in a BBC interview. Microsoft’s Corporate VP, Mark Gillett discussed that Skype labs has been working on producing both 3D capture and 3D display of video calls. They admire the progress being already made with TVs and computer monitor however predict that their idea will be realised within a decade. Despite its increasingly speedy advancements, the limitations of technology restricts their growth and there’s a requirement of testing and adjustment, to launch the 3D feature for live video calls via multiple cameras.


Mark Gillett, Microsoft’s Corporate VP for Skype

Gillett states that Skype aspires to achieve more practical advances in the near future, such as incorporating its service into Microsoft’s Outlook email service and Windows 8.1 operating system, bringing 1080p video calls to devices and strengthening the mobile aspect. Taavet Hinrikus, Skype’s former marketing director expressed “Today companies like Whatsapp, Viber and others are leaders in the mobile communication space – that’s something that Skype has to fight hard to get back.” and believes that Skype should refocus on product improvement and customer satisfaction as opposed to corporate restructuring and ‘being bought and sold’


Skype running on the PlayStation Portable and Vita handheld consoles



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After agonising over waking up at 6am and dragging myself onto the train in hysterical fatigue, I attended my first day at UOW this Tuesday. It’s always either ‘Sleep is for the weak’ or ‘Sleep is for a week’. Of course, being the night owl that I am, I sacrificed breakfast for sleep and did my makeup on the ride from Sutherland. I’m just classy like that. After enduring my JAPA 243 lecture, I quickly learnt that one does not simply walk into a class with an empty stomach . The combination of silence, sitting in the middle of a room, and a roaring tummy isn’t exactly ideal. Turns out I also didn’t realise that we had to attend ARTS 100 in the first week. How very clever of me.

Now that I’ve established that I’m a dork, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Tiffany Lao. I’m eighteen and it’s my first year at UOW. I’m studying Communication and Media (major in Digital Media) and International Studies (minor in Japanese & International Communication). In 2013, I graduated at Kirrawee High School and went to Enmore Design Centre to do a Screen and Media course. In 2011, I was in Sapporo, Japan as an AFS exchange student for a semester. My interests include YouTube, indie music, all day breakfast, and MBTI psychology. My pet is called Batman. Guess in the comments what he is. Or not, I’m not the boss.

I’m a tad bit concerned about using Twitter. Only used it to stalk Patrick Stump and KickthePJ and various other celebrities occasionally so far. What’s with this whole hashtag thing? Odd confession, It reminds me of burnt hash browns. #waitwhat #idonteven Click here to view my Twitter.

Why am I studying whatever it is that I’m studying? God knows. To not overwhelm myself by concerns of the future and growing up, I tend to distract myself with naps and tv. For now, I just hope I don’t finish work in the last minute and excessively start sentences with ‘I’. My brain is a procrastination station. Try to keep in mind that 99% is hard, but 100% is easy. My one true goal is to become:

I’ve always pictured my life up into this point to be the figurative prologue, the bland foundations of who I am today. Perhaps starting university and these new experiences and lifestyle will mark the beginning of chapter one.